Articles and Papers

I've provided links below to a number of papers I wrote for classes or competitions during college and high school.

College - Virtualization (Fall 2007) - Report

I wrote this paper in my freshmen Information Technology Fundamentals class on how virtualization works and some of the effects its rise is having on the IT Industry.

College - Firewalls (Fall 2008) - Report

This paper was written for the Computer Hardware/Software Architecture class I took during my sophomore year.

College - Linux History and Architecture (Spring 2009) - Report

This paper was written in the second semester of my sophomore year. It is an overview of Linux, from a user and technical perspective

High School - BPA Network Design Project (Spring 2007) - Report, Presentation

This is the project I did with two team members for the 2006/2007 Business Professional's of America Network Design competition. We won first place at our state competition in February 2007, and then went on to take first place at the national competition in New York in May 2007.

High School - Fort Hays State Univ. Network Design Competition - Report

This is the report and presentation that I made in April 2007 at the network design competition held at Fort Hays State University. I won first place in the competition.